Wednesday, November 11, 2009

today's blog post

Well, yesterday was a very busy day. I completed all of my todo list. Today is more of the same...only difference is that there is no show.

I made a rookie mistake at a Ron Jon Resort show. While handling a 7 foot long Bullsnake, I let him get his head into the sleeve of my t-shirt. I couldn't pull him out of my sleeve and he kept going down my back, inside the t-shirt. The rule is clear: when a mistake is made, the volunteer quietly leaves the audience and gets backstage where help is available. My only thoughts while heading backstage was: "oh, please don't bite me there!" The snake was traveling in very tender territory and I was glad I wore a belt so he couldn't go any lower. When I got backstage, one of the volunteers tried to capture the snake's head. The snake had other plans and headed around my waist at belt-level. I finally had to start disrobing so the other volunteer could capture the snake. We all had a big laugh when the ordeal was over...the next animal I had to handle was an 11-foot long Burmese Python. I was much more careful...

Today, I helped clean panther cages and skunk cages as well as the snake habitats. No problems today.

On tap today was also a surprise birthday party for one of the founders of our non-profit eco-education organization. The secret was well-kept, she was very surprised.

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